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Your gateway to patients features over 200 Aesthetic & cosmetic treatment's'.

About Us is a hybrid healthcare marketplace & social app that enables users to research aesthetic and cosmetic treatments and connect with physicians and cosmetic providers. Our platform primarily targets invasive and non-invasive procedures, including plastic surgery, dermatology, and other 200 + Aesthetic treatments.

We facilitate information collection regarding procedures of interest and provide tailored guidance through our live video, audio, text chat, forums, provider's feedback, and procedure reviews. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help users connect to providers and retrieve unbiased information that allows them to make informative decisions.

We are your competitive edge, allowing you to engage with more patients worldwide.

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Effective Customer Acquisition

Leveraging our data insight and technological strengths, we are able to match medical aesthetic service providers with targeted users effectively.

Differentiated Branding

We empower medical aesthetic service providers, to introduce their brands and build credibility through authentic user driven evaluation.

Dashboard Analytics

We provide dynamic live performance metrics for service providers to track their progress vs competition.

Free Subscription

Unlike other mass social media platforms our portal is free of charge with no monthly subscription fee we also work closely with Providers to generate them revenue through our pay to go live chat.

New Me Features

Smart Digital Profile

A fully customized profile build to put you on edge. – Your digital workplace is in your pocket.

3D Visualization

A more accurate way to showcase your work through and advance high tech 3D visualization.

Social Features

Wide range of social features, including live video streaming, showcases posts, image, video posts, push notifications, tagging, and many more.

Digital Coupons

You can promote, redeem, and track your offerings digitally.

Automated Traffic Queries

The app automatically diverts the patient's questions & queries to your homepage based on the treatments you provide.

Communication Tools

Engage with your clients & colleagues through video, audio, and instant chat messenger.

Because Your Online Reputation Matters is the right platform that shines a spotlight on your expertise and allows you to showcase your current, previous work before and after pictures, 3D modules, and other vital features that are a must for world-class expertise like you. An easier, faster, and more efficient way to drive relevant users to your sleek profile.

3D Visualization

Newme apps allow you to create an accurate 3D model of the face in seconds using a phone or computer camera. Providers can now post and illustrate their showcases differently by 3D visualization, not limited to precise face dimensions or skin texture. Providers can also upload the 3D visualization created by the new me platform to social networks and share it with anyone outside of the newme system.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), neural network, deep learning, natural language processing, face recognition, and face detection are becoming the new norm in the healthcare sector. Today, aesthetic & cosmetic providers can deliver excellent patient care by blending their competencies and innovation.

The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to help users connect to providers based on their 3D face analysis outcome.Just from the user phone, the apps will scan his/her face, tell them what work they must have done to improve their look, recommend surgeons & specialists, and connect them via live video, audio, or text chats.


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With us you’re able to engage with patients directly, by offering live video, audio, or text chats at a time convenient to you, and at a rate you set.

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