About Us

Your journey towards a new me starts here

Newme is a social cosmetic and aesthetic platform founded in 2018 in London. Its primary purpose is to connect users, who are considering cosmetic or aesthetic treatment, to professionals and other users who can advise on the treatment of interest. As only certified professionals are recognized on our platform, providers demonstrate high standards of training, knowledge, and expertise in the cosmetic & aesthetic treatment's specialty while promoting safe and ethical practice

The application considers all types of treatments from surgical to non-surgical procedures, such as Rhinoplasty, Body Contouring, Facial Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, and hundreds of other treatments.

Newme differentiates itself through its advanced AI engagements that allow for unbiased information filtering based on location, treatment, and more. The app leverages efficient networking by connecting users to cosmetic & aesthetic professionals, and other users who have undergone the same treatment users are being though. The app also allows users to be digitally advised on which treatments and styles would fit their facial appearance using Newme mirror through user cellphone cameras—a digital Facial analysis is now a few clicks away.

Newme is an unbiased community of individuals and professionals willing to share experiences for potential clients' guidance. It is a community for users to discuss their past experiences with specific procedures and review doctors, clinicians, and other cosmetic professionals. It empowers potential clients with informed decisions. 

By connecting providers to clients, clients to clients, and providers to providers, we aim to create a progressive approach to improve processes within the field of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments through effective communication and constant feedback. With Newme, the community of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments can achieve: 

  • Transparency: Verified professionals, open community, unedited photos of before and after procedures, and unbiased user reviews.
  • User Empowerment: Clients provide constant feedback and share their experiences with users.
  • High-quality advisory: An instant Live chatting system charged per minute, based on pay as you go payment methodology made available to users.
  • Efficient networking and Information filtering:  Search can be filtered by location, treatment, and more to help users connect more efficiently. Users are automatically shown which providers to communicate with once their questions are raised. 
  • Advanced AI engagement: Artificial intelligence and machine learning is automated as per users' behavior. The app suggests users with providers, trending posts, and recommendations based on historical engagement, built-in 3d model for users to allocate which areas of their face may be improved by non-surgical or surgical cosmetic treatments with specialist recommendations.